Museums 101 is a “museum basics” book, to be used by museum founders, board members, museum staff, students and museum enthusiasts.  The Museum field is under going a dramatic  shift due to issues of inclusion, globalization, social media, social collateral, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, mobility, collaboration, consumerization of IT, online education and corporatization.

The book will include information for all types “museums”,  including Natural History Museums, Art Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, Science Centers, Science Museums, Visitors Centers and Children’s Museums.  “Museums” are becoming multidisciplinary venues needing to attract multiple audiences.

“Museums 101″ is available for purchase at Amazon.   The book will include useful information and worksheets that museum enthusiasts, professionals and founders will want to keep near their desk.

Included in the book:
○ The Museum Toolbox
○ Museum Resources
○ Glossary of Essential Museum Related Terms